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Studies of the environmental impact assessment

1992-2004  – Elaboration of preliminary and detailed assessments of the  environmental impact of objects
2005 until today  –   Elaboration of  studies of the environmental impact assessment in conformity with the current legal regulations and good engineering practice.  
Filling in an application for the required elaboration of the study and defining the scope and contents of the study. Selection of the location for certain activities.

The most important fields of industry for which the impact assessment studies were made are the following:

• Galvanization
• Dairy plants
• Slaughterhouses
• Farms
• Manufacture of sponges and pre-insulated pipes
• Hot-dip galvanizing
• Rubber manufacturing
• Cable manufacturing
• Petrol stations
• Wastewater treatment plants
• Mobile phone base stations

> Reference list of studies

Documentation related to the waste management

• Elaboration of waste management programmes
• Elaboration of the work plan for the waste management plant
• Elaboration of plans of accident prevention in the waste treatment plants
• Providing licences for waste collection, treatment and transport 
• Providing licences for managing the packaging waste

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