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Drinking water treatment

We make activated carbon filters and other equipment intended for removal of organic substances, chlorine, iron and manganese from drinking water in the following areas of application:

• Preparation of drinking water
• Water preparation in fruit juice industry
• Water preparation in dairy plants
• Water preparation in slaughterhouses
• Water preparation in other food industry processes
• Water treatment device
• Filter unit

> Reference list of built-in equipment for drinking water treatment

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Wastewater treatment

We make components for the equipment, assemble and put into operation the equipment for technical wastewater treatment as well as filters used in various technological processes (galvanization, dairy plants, slaughterhouses, dye houses, drying houses, varnish workshops, PSB water)

> Reference list of built-in equipment for wastewater treatment

Waste air treatment

We make activated carbon filters and other equipment for removal of aromatic compounds from the air, which are generated during processes carried out n:

• car varnish workshops
• coffee roasting shops,
• bakeries and other food industry premises
• workshops for manufacture of polyester and other resin products
• paint and varnish formulation plants
• oil and lubricant formulation plants
• plastic mass processing plants
• plants for plastic waste recycling by extrusion or compounding

> Reference list built-in equipment for waste air treatment