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About us

The company of "TEHNIKUM" d.o.o was founded in 1990 as a craftsman shop specialized in making rubber products, introducing new technologies, providing services in the field of the environmental protection and wastewater processing but in 2004 it changed into a limited company under the same name. We are organized as a small family company with a tendency to expand our capacities in all fields. In certain areas we engage external providers of services who have the same or similar mission to ours.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the company of "TEHNIKUM" d.o.o is to use its knowledge, experience, expertise, multidisciplinary approach and new ideas to help conservation of natural and other resources, sustainable development, preservation of natural values and raising the environmental awareness. New solutions in the protection of water, air and land, and in the waste management are intended for the companies involved in production activities of all profiles (manufacturing industries, food production, energy management companies, agriculture) for which the important factors are the quality and deadlines, observing all measures of the environmental protection. These are primarily our buyers and long-standing partners, the society in which we live and work, our local Community, working on the principle that our activities do not disturb the harmony of nature surrounding us.


Our vision is to remain a desirable partner, known for its high quality products and services, honest and carefully developed relationships and the protection of interests of its buyers and partners, employees and the company owners. Our commitment is to follow current world trends and achievements in application of new materials and technologies, and to observe and adhere to the strictest criteria and rules of the environmental protection.

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